How it works

With Canadian immigration laws constantly changing, you want to find the most suitable option for your case. While each case is different, the process we take on each file is always the same.

At Patricia Nathan Immigration Consulting, I work with individuals and families immigrating to Canada and corporate clients that need foreign workers.

Some of my clients are highly educated, skilled workers; others have less education, but important skills in demand by Canadian employers; and some have families here and want to move to be closer to them. All have a dream of building a new life in Canada.



We’ll review your case and options

This one-hour consultation and case assessment is done online, via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. The immigration process is a journey, and we will spend a lot of time together along the way. It’s important to take time to find out more about each other and whether we think we can work together successfully. Most of my clients become friends, which is why getting to know each other at the start is time well spent to find the right client/consultant fit.


We’ll develop a strategy for your application.

If we determine your case is strong, I develop a case strategy to meet your immigration goals and timelines. I confirm the actions we are going to take, working with you and your prospective employers and/or families (depending on your case). I then compile all of the information and documentation required for your application, and lay out a communication schedule so you can see how the process will unfold.


We’ll submit and manage your application through the immigration process.

This is the stage where I prepare and finalize your application and then submit it to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for review. I act as the point of contact for all communication between my clients and the government agents working on their cases. It’s my job to understand how the system works, to always know the status of your application and to be with you every step of the way.

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